Do you need high quality and reliable custom signet rings? See why Almari Design is right for you!

Signet rings custom made to order by Vladimir Chakharian from Almari Design. Mr. Chakharian is a specialist in the painstaking traditional craft of engraving that has been a family trade for generations from father to son. Every item is hand made by Vladimir Chakharian a designer, engraver and creator of fine jewelry over 40 years with many satisfied customers who purchased his hand work in both US and Canada.

See what customers who purchased custom rings from Almari Design say:

“Received the ring and it looks great…especially the design of the interlocking letters! I appreciate your extra time on this ring and I will be wearing it with family pride! Thank you again”.

What can I say?  Your work is impeccable!  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of both of my rings”.

Do you need help conceptualizing your perfect custom signet ring? There are an endless amount of options and engraving available, and Almari Design is happy to assist you on the road to coming up with your ideal design. We are prepared, happy, and ready to assist you in creating your one-of-a-kind, truly unique and special custom signet ring.

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While they were originally used for imprints on letters and documents, they are now a piece of jewelry to keep for a lifetime. Pass down your custom signet rings to generations that will revel in it’s timeless beauty.

Signet rings are appropriate for such a large variety of events and accomplishments. Events such as a successful business venture, graduation, winning a sport league, fraternity acceptance, honouring military service, or wedding rings, are all appropriate times to utilize Almari Design for custom signet rings.

Are you giving someone a gift for a big accomplishment? Signet rings might be the right gift for you. They offer not only high aesthetic appeal, but also emotional value. Customize your signet ring in anyway you choose, with an engraving of your picking, and see the personality of the ring come to life. Although signet rings have been around for many, many years, they are still created individually for the person; when made by Almari Design, they are unique and special to you.

From a simple straight oval head with initials, to an elaborate sports ring adorned with diamonds and crystals, you decide exactly what and how you want it. Almari Design is purely dedicated to making your vision come to life.